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In January 2008, Yvette A. Jackson, MSW founded TLC Adult Day Care, Incorporated where she is Chief Executive Officer and Senior Administrator.  Her duties include overseeing the daily operation of the program which offers constant supervision, three (3) meals daily, physical activities, mind stimulating activities, movies, games, monthly outings and more…

In June 2005, Ms. Jackson founded TLC Medical Social Worker Agency, Incorporated, where she is Chief Executive Officer and Medical Social Worker.  Her daily activity involves overseeing the daily operation of the agency, supervision of independent contractors who have earned the degree of Master of Social Work (MSW), Social Services Assistants and MSW Interns from various colleges throughout southern California.  Ms. Jackson delegates patient referrals to professional staff members.  Patients consist of individuals who have been identified by health care professionals and/or providers as being at risk of inappropriately handling their Activities of Daily Living (ADL).  Patients are interviewed in their living environment, assessed, and referred to the appropriate agency(ies) to assist in improving their situation.

Personally, Ms. Jackson was a caregiver for nine years for her mother who succumbed to Alzheimer’s Disease in July of 2003.  Duties consisted of ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for her mother who was bed bound, requiring total 24 hour care and supervision of all caregivers.  This life experience made Ms. Jackson aware of all appropriate resources to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others.

Yvette Jackson’s career began in the field office of the Board of Supervisors for Los Angeles County, working with the late Honorable Kenneth Hahn, as well as the Honorable Yvonne Brathwaite Burke as liaison between the supervisors and their constituency.  Ms. Jackson developed press releases, memoranda, and assisted in the development of community events.

The above referenced position launched Ms. Jackson into the Transitional Housing Program (THP) where she developed and maintained various budgetary reports for housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants; reviewed intake applicants to determine eligibility of  emancipated foster youth for admission into the program.

Ms. Jackson continued her career with the County of Los Angeles in the Department of Children and Family Services, coordinating the annual holiday luncheon for 500 emancipated foster youth for a period of 5 years.  This project involved interfacing with various organizations to solicit donations.  In addition, Ms Jackson developed media relations to include press releases, telephonic and personal interviews, contracted security, audio/visual coverage, catering, celebrity entertainment for the event and outreach efforts to attract the emancipated foster youth population.  Ms. Jackson developed computer software curricula and coordinated computer training for emancipated foster youth.

While attending the USC Graduate School of Social Work, Ms. Jackson interned with the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic where she was a case manager for youth/children referred to the clinic by the Department of Mental Health (DMH) where she provided services that included, initial assessment, clinical diagnosis followed by therapeutic intervention subsequently inducing behavior modification.

Other internships during her matriculation in the graduate program included Equipoise Family Preservation Network, where she continued as a case manager for families who have been identified high risk of their children being placed in foster care. Duties consisted of weekly home visits to assess the child’s well-being, taught cooking skills and demonstrated housekeeping.  Ms. Jackson provided substitute adult role modeling, referral to psychiatric, developmental counseling and all services which allowed the family to function at their maximum capacity. Conducted Multiple-Disciplinary Case Planning Conferences (MCPC’s) for each client, attended by all individuals involved with the case in order to consolidate services for the client and discuss the most appropriate and efficient means to empower the client in obtaining autonomous functioning.

Ms. Jackson finally interned at El Centro Del Pueblo as a case manager for families with open DCFS/Probation files mandated by the court to attend weekly therapeutic sessions. Her responsibilities included conducting extensive initial assessment to gain insight of developmental and educational milestones, familial historical context (migration/immigration status), socio-economic status, protective services/probation history, criminal/substance abuse history (if appropriate), clinical diagnostic history, etc. Ms. Jackson conducted weekly sessions (individual and joint) to assist family in recognizing and addressing the client/familial presenting issues.  She was co-facilitator of the parenting class for court mandated attendees.  Ms. Jackson secured agencies for participation in a resource fair for the predominately Hispanic community.

Upon earning her Masters degree from the University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work, Ms. Jackson began work as a Medical Social Worker and contracted with various home health agencies to provide assessment of social and emotional factors related to the patient’s illness and their ability to comprehend and follow the treatment plan and cope with challenges of daily living and therapeutic intervention for patients who present with issues that may hinder their ability to follow said treatment plan.  Responsibilities include conducting in-home visits to interview and assess the patient within the familial context, check the home for safety and refer the patient to community resources as necessary to enhance the level of care and provide social/emotional support.  Additional responsibilities include recording and reporting findings on the patient’s condition to the supervisor and the patient’s medical record, discharge planning and attending team conferences on a weekly basis.

During this time Ms. Jackson continued to work with the County of Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services in the capacity of Children’s Social Worker II (Adoptions).  Responsibilities involved preparation of adoptive home studies and counseling for families who have been identified for adoption; preparation of adoptive placement documents and finalization documentation to complete the adoption process; assist adoptive parents in determining appropriate services required to facilitate the adoption process; provide counseling services to children and adoptive families; prepare court reports, progress reports, etc., assessing the family’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment for children who are wards of the court and under the jurisdiction of LA County Department of Children and Family Services; assist prospective adoptive parents in meeting the social, psychological and emotional needs of the child(ren) in their care; collaborate with physicians, child advocates and other professionals to assist in formulating treatment plans that are appropriate and in the best interest of the child;  participate in multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss and evaluate the nature of the child’s problems, evaluate their progress, develop disposition methods that would provide a continuum of support to the child/family; conduct monthly home visits to assure the safety and well-being of children who are under the care of LA County DCFS; investigate referrals of abuse/neglect to assess potential endangering situations and evaluate the degree of risk to a child; utilize community resources as necessary to assist families in functioning on an acceptable level and to meet the needs of the children in the foster care system; collaborate with teachers, psychologists, physicians, therapists, child advocates and other professionals; maintain documentation of all contacts with clients.

Ms. Jackson is contemplating pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Gerontology.